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My "The National 2019 Chicago" Recap


Hall of Fame
Aight…its that Time of that year again !
Its been exactly 1 week ago when I have left the National in Chicago and its been a Blast once again!!
The Shows are getting better and better from year to year, I have sooo much fun on that holy ground with just EVERYBODY – its kinda unreal.
Cards are not Priority, they are important, of course- but its sooo cool to hang out and chill with the rights guys and enjoy the situation.

Well- I have done a Recap..again….Three-peating it and I gotta admit that I never needed soooo long (really- I am exhausted!!) to drop this one …and especially there are soo many pictures involved, but oh well- you will see it!
I took my best to showcase y´all the whole National from my Eyes again and I hope you might like it !

2 years ago I have been in Chicago with Helge.
Last year in Cleveland I have been in a group featuring Helge, Daniele and Pipo.
We European Guys are getting more active to move as this time we had a total of 11 or 12 guys that wanted to come from Europe to Chicago!

This time most of them made smaller groups they travelled with..by looking at my possibility for the trip…the destiny choosed me a…well, lets call him “Rookie” to come with me.

Not a real Rookie- but check this….That Guy, David, he collects cards since the mid 90s…he is older then me and he had never really contact with other collectors in Germany…..untill…..
October 2017:
My phone rings, my mother was calling me from her Restaurant. The Same Restaurant we have our Langenfeld cardshow every year.
She told me there is a guy in front of her that heard something with cards is going on in here!
So she gave me that phone and I spoke like 40 minutes with that guy !
So a couiple of days later we have met in my Place and he is like a true Collector, real to the game…every single card counts, base and everything – a real one!
As weeks passed by he visited my Langenfeld Cardshow and its been ovrhelming to him (we only have like 25 dealer Tables, but still) so he is heavily into that card collecting thing.
As months passed by, he visited me frequently at my place and I pushed him into that direction to go to The National too!
What as first looked like a “not possible” things changed the direction before the start of the National and he made it happen somehow!

Well, that guy- David, he should be that guy i´m travelling with and the whole Trip became such a Fun Trip, because he is like hyped 24/7 and has that crazy touch to it!

Tuesday, 30.07.2019
Lets start!!!

We decided to take a flight to Warzawa (Poland) and fly from Warzawa straight to Chicago!

David was impressed by the Bronko card I took with me

The Bad thing was that he a hole on his side and cool air was floating into his head….

The good thing was, that I had my Raw Main Rc´s in a Rubberband (check my mailday from a couple of days ago) to close that hole

So we have landed in warsawa and entered the Lego store and bought us a airplane and a car…because why not…

…at first a small break….

That David guy, he is a heavilysmoker- but even while at smoke, he is still checking cards…

Ready to take off for that main flight!

He was trying to sleep from the start….

But nope! Woke him up because food is coming!!

Our route

The flight has been pretty chilled..i watched Moana and a James Bond Movie and before I could even think of , we are at Chicago already !!!!

Sooo- this National has been different then the 2 before as I have decided to get me a single Room at the Hilton Hotel just across the street of the Convention Center.
At Both Nationals before I had a Double room ( with Helge/ with Pipo) and we needed to take the shuttle from the Hotel to get to the center.
This time I just wanted to chill my life, wake up, go over the street and voila !

So checked in….

Had already some ideas about the next days…

So I quickly went out for a sneak peak at the center !!

Since David is in a other Hotel in a room with Marc (a collector from Luxembourg, that Clint Capela/ Boston Collector) we needed to drop him and his stuff there too.
So we came, and left D´s stuff and took Marc with us to my place again! Since there was a guy already waiting for me !!!

Nick , my guy from NY !!!
Nick could not wait to see me…but more likely because I have sent him all my ebay purchases / and trade outcomes to his address in the US since I knew that I will see him in Chicago…so he might take care of that stuff for me, until then 😊

Well- time has come and he dopped it off finally to me (to have it off his chest)

What you see is a kinda Mailday, since I have received them just in time on Tuesday evening before the National!

Lebron Master Auto

Ken Griffey jr. Signed Disc

1997 SPX Holo auto Ken Griffey jr /100

Dennis Schröder – John Wall Dual Tag 1/1

Kevin Garnett Auto Patch

2000 UD Encore warm ups auto Kevin Garnett /21

Tracy Mcgrady- Kevin Garnett Dual auto jersey 15

1999 TSC Co Signers Tim Duncan – Tracy McGrady

The very first Class of ´96 Auto with the very first numbering…01/15
Allen Iverson – Kobe Bryant – Ray Allen

1999 UD Century Legends Epic Signatures GOLD Allen Iverson /100 BGS 9.5 / 10

Got this one raw, aswell as the KG´s posted before- did not made raw pictures so here they are graded already…and pretty big grade on that AI !! 😊

Now the next one is soooooo special!
It’s a one of a kind card nd my guy, Kobe Bryant, messed up big time on it!

It’s a 2007 sweet shot acetate dual auto Lebron Kobe …short printed to just 15
The Following is not mine- but it is supposed to look like that here

You can see that both signed with black ink on their sides…every card of that set is like that…besides this one.

I am pretty sure it has been like that:

Kobe gets the cards
Kobe signs the card with a beautifull bold black signature
After he has done the first signature he just thought : oooh, daaamn !! :-D
Kobe went on with signing the other cards how heis supposed to sign…..

Now, the reason I say that kobe messed it up is, that he wrote his signature in the MIDDLE of the card……now WHERE could Bron sign???

Look !!°

Well, he signed in BLUE on the back of that card- now that’s a genius move !!

I have put a white paper behind it so you can see it better



I gotta admit that this is one of the coolest cards in my whole collection!!

Now, like I wrote in my previous Mailday, I am on a BIG Project since about 1 year…and these belong to that Project!

Roy Campanella …. Thurman Munson

1938 Goudey Joe Dimaggio!!!!! Reggie jackson

Jim Brown …. Terry Bradshaw

Stan Musial …. 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig !!!

Gervin RC RAW

Mario Lemieux….1939 Playball Ted Williams SGC 1 …gotta be crackd out since I need it as a PSA 1

Pete Maravich RC..cracked it out, has been a BGS 1 card…to be PSA´d soon

And of of the most important Basketball cards in the hobby!


1957 Topps Bill Russel PSA 1.5 with a 9 Auto !!

Whoooa…really hyped about this one. The whole project should be a PSA 1 only…but I thought that Bill makes a prfect exception as a 1.5 WITH A BOLD AUTO!!!!

And to finish it off!!

2017 Leaf pearl Hockey Charlie Chaplin Cut Signature 1/1

What a beautifull piece of history!

Big thanks to Nick to take care of all those cards for me for months!!

So…since we had a hellavu sunny day we decided to go out and have some food..

I was talking about it the whole time, and I wanted to go to the CINEMA!!!

To seeee…..

David, Marc and Nick were not really into it but what the heck!!

Lets do it!!

The funny this was that I was awake for the first 10 minutes and then felt asleep!
I woke up whn older simba had that fight with bscar at the end…so dammnit…but oh well

We went out to that shark…

And David All In!

While back in the lobby of my hotel, Nick and I prepared some submissions for BGS and PSA for thzenext morning

Gotta be prepared…..


Hall of Fame
Wednesday, 31.07.2019

My view!!

Everything is ready to be submitted

I took my raw ones with me to “play” with them

Sunny day…

So at 08:30, Marc and David came with the Shuttle!

Marc bought some packs at Target

David is hyped

And yeeeeeah!! Got a kobe !!

Thx Marc!!

Nick arrived too

So its still early in the morning and we are not supposed to go in before 15:30 we decided to go to Breakfast at iHop!

Then Nick got the Information that he might get 2 “Dealer” Passes from Joe!
I Have a VIP Pass for the whole week and I am able to enter 30 Minutes before the Opening. But if you are a Dealer, you get a “Dealer” Badge and you are able to enter at like 8 o clock…so we wanted to take the chance to get ourBGS & PSA Submissions off.

While standing at the entrance, John Anthony aka Sports cards Investors from Philly saw and jumped me !!
Great guy and really happy to see him!
John pic

So Joe aka Slipperslovak hooked us up with 3 Passes …Nick,Marc and i…David did not get one so he stayed still outside!

Marc and I went in…and made a cool Honus Wagner Pic First.

Nick went to BGS…and me, I went to PSA

Just to give up the cards to be graded and we are fine…
While out of the psa line again I spotted a verty cool card !

And I saw Eric aka thosebackpages again !!!!

He even had a gift for me !! he knews thatmy favourit colour is purple, so he came up with….

This one

Thanks again!!

Marc and I enjoyed our time inside, but we knew that David is still out waiting alone…so we stopped at the Dacardworld Booth, got us some boxes and went out to David

We came together so we are going together

He waited outside reading his book of fishing….

I knew his son likes Fortnite so I have found a cool box for his son …”for his alone waiting time”

Since its been like 11:30 am we decided to go back to the hotel…just across the street…

…since I knew that REZA, my guy from San Antonio was already waiting for us!

He is staying in the same Hotel, by the way…..

After some time we decided to go back to the center!

On the way, we found some other European guys…our guys Jan, Thomas and his girlfriend Fabienne

So we did what we were supposed to did…

We got some german shots called “Killepitsch” and David had the Mission to have them ready at the right time

So at the entrance again, I have met Meredith again!

We have made a cool pic back then as she recognized my 52 Topps Mantle a year ago…..that old pic..

And so nice to see you again!

More and more came around..especially more familiar faces !!

Michael and Martinez !!!

They thought I am doing a nice pic of them….

………………Hell naaaah

Dropping selfies 24/7

Coleman cards came too

…and made me look !!!

One of the coolest pics from the start…Martinez was holding my passport with US Visa

Jusrin aka alabamma slamma

My twin brothr Ivan, the artis got a full budy support by Marc…alle stickers everywhere…

Nice to see you again, James Buffie !!!

We are minutes away from the grand opening- the line has been huge !!

Sooo cool to have the Asian guys…manilacardcollector, Stephen go at the National too !!!

Meanwhile…in a quiet moment I have “white Gloved” Fabienne……

But I neded to let he go again…..

Since she belongs to Thomas! Beautifull pic !

As soon as we got inside…David kissed the floor!!!!!!!!!!

Right in front at the entrance Goldin auctions had their booth with sooo many crazy cards

And we were able to see and touch a real 1996 Olympia Atlanta Gold Medal!!

Some cool items I saw


At first went to John for a quick shoutout

Then to the guys of Card Hobby Official !!

I spoke with them before and I bought a box of Juicy Honey (a XXX pictures product) and they took that box for me straight to Chicago!!

Malicious Martell with the hand delivering…not supposed to get into wrong hands..

There you are

Malucious got some of those cards as his pc too- so he showed me his collection !

The guys are known for their sick cards

Then it has been a please to meet Richie !!!

Ivan Lovgren was speaking at the audience behind us


Hall of Fame
Those cards….

Despite being rather in a bad area its been pretty crowded

So after chilling with Malicius and them boys we have went on and found a awesome company !!

2 ladies worked for a Booth and went straight up to ask them…maybe for a pic..or 2

Suddenly we had a very nice talk and I wanted to purchase something since they are doing a good job!

So I went with a lighter !! (not even smoking…but oh well)

As we walked around

I found Herbert…and then Grant !!!... PIC!

So we remixed it then again with Herbert, Reza and David

Then we came to a dope booth with the coolest packs you could imagine!!

Look at that look

Britney made a awesome job in selling us those packs!

All mixed up

So I went back to PSA as I wanted to pick up my cards again!!, the one that I have submitted in the mornbing

Lannan insta

While waiting at PSA, we had a nice talk with Francis, Dustin, Bobby and Matt

That guy in front of me at PSa….

Picked up his Mantle!

Finally got my cards back !

Reza came along so we have showed him atfrirst how much success we had in finding those packs!

Sooo…about those PSA cards…I took the following with me from Germany…and the grades are!!!

2005-06 Topps Style Superfractor Kobe Bryant 1/1

2002-03 Topps Finest X Gold Fractor 1/1

1996 Skybox Premium Rubies Michjael Jordan

2000 SP Authentic Signo f the Times Triple Kobe – Jordan – Magic 01/25

Last year I got the other one (KB-MJ-KG) graded too so the Pairing is nice now, with both is PSAs Holders

2001 UD Century Legends Dual Auto Jordan – Erving 06/10 (DR.J Jerseynumber)

And FINALLY !!!!

And finally gave up those 3 for Grading!

A One of a Kind Trio and I have never heard from another completed set like that!

1998 Flair Showcase Masterpieces Antoinme Walker…ALL 3 Rows!

Row 3

Row 2

Row a

Been pretty satisfied with those grades!

And in the end…a card I have been always hesitant in giving up since its my number #1 card in my whole collection!

Grade isn’t that perfect but I am all good with it!

1996 Scoreboard Kobe Bryant Signatures 1/325
…might be Kobe´s first certified autograph ever

So…I got that PSA stuff…and Nick got the BGS stuff

Some cards were already pictured at the beginning (Iverson Epic, KGs…) but this one is still missing!

One of the coolest cards in my collection:

2000 UD Hardcourt Game Floor auto parallel Michael Jordan 23/23..BGS 8/9

The first showday has been open until 8 pm…after the show, John invited us for a delicious dinner at a Italian restaurant!

Highly appreciate that John !!!

While going out I realized that huge

Donald E. Stephenson Statue outside…that guy from the Convention Centers Name.


Hall of Fame
After the Dinner it went on…the taxi drove me to the guys…Grant and Josh had like a drink-session going on!”

Grant, Martinez, Matt

Then ROARGAN !!!!
ROARGAN had a surprise for me !!!!
A BOX !!!


That BOX !!!

Everybody liked it..even Honduras finest Martinez

Now that’s one of craziest presents I have ever received!
Please take a detailed look at it!

Roargans Wife, Morgan Kay, she designed and produced it and I have been without words when he presented it to me!
BIG TIME THANKSA for that..!
There is something inside and he wanted me to open it…but not yet….

It has been too much drinking and sooo much fun!!

Suddenly Niten called me, and he got something for me too!!!

LIKE WTF is going on here…no birthday…no Christmas…just real guys, drunk and with whiskey in their hands !!

Ist been a card I highly appreciate !!
I even have it already with a purple jersey but this one is too good !!!

Before I really did anything, Martinez came from the back of behind with Pepper….

And Peppered my card !!!


So the only thing I could do was to blew it away!

Fisher back

2000 Topps Gold Label Finals Jersey Derek Fisher

Thank you big time Niten!! This D-Fish surely gets a special place in my pc !!

Got the fish and the box safe…

Its ben a pretty awesome day and what a finish to hang out with all these guys….


Thursday, 01.08.2019

First full Game DAY!!!
David and Marc came already at 08:30 am to my Hotel…they did that everyday…
So we ve went to the cent, but we gave us some Killepitsch Shots first!

David went ALL IN on the ground.

While chilling at the entrance..the card hobby guys had fun looking at ROARGANS Box !

group selfie

Those Australiens……

We went again to John…he is a cool guy !!!

So he got a present from my brother Ivan….a exclusive Print

That guy here was sooo cool….

He has the right cards

And I have bought a petrovic autograph already last year in Cleveland…now again…could not say NO!

Got me a very nice TIM ALLEN / Buzz Lightyear auto

Fonzie AUTO !!

Then I have got to meet Mike Stahl !!

And one of the coolest guys…knew him from insta, but first time meeting him!


Showed him a card I took with me and which has been available for the show !

Went on looking for cool stuff

Ninjaaaa turtles

And again…we gotta stop at our Ladies !

You gotta do what you gotta do…maybe my favourit pic of the show!

We talked kinda a lot with Veronika and Theresa and really had a cool time…as I ve promised the first day, I bought again something at´their booth.

Nick told us he arranged to have a booth too! Maybe not like a real Booth…but a case…but still!
So we decided to find him

On the way

Many Cool cards again

On that booth I have got me this dope Donald card !

And a full completed set of A team 80s cards

Cannot go wrong with that !

Charger21-sportscards and beesports with his son

Joe aka slipperslovaks table…

Courtsidecards has some crazy cards !

Just look at this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally nicks table

Crowded A F !

PWCC had a big booth too and they showed some upcoming August and September auctions…cool stuff!

And again….have met the MAN, aka ROARGAN again!!
MR. “Here is your Box”

He did me the favour and stomped on some of my cards…thank you!

He gave me the box…let me atleast give him a GOLDEN GLOVE !!!!
It belongs to him!

OZ centics, Matt, Matt ….

Struggled around a found many at one spot!

Kukocit presented his one of a kind LOGOMAN!!!

With waxmuseumpodcast !

Got to take a pic with the legen Goehring09 aka lakersforumgold

Everybody was hyped!!!

So we gotta come up with Killepitsch…again!

Like last year…John Anthony from SCI invited me to be his Guest Breaker…he is doing Live Case Breaks on facebook and youtube!
You should check him out!


Hall of Fame
Last year I broke a case 2017 NOIR….

And this year I am supposed to do a case of 2018-19 ENCASED !

Me and john

Puttin in work

David watching

Check the Link here for the full break

the great thing was- its been a Random spot break and I actually got 2 spots for myself- got the Knicks and the Nuggets and have been pretty satisfied!
Got a Michael Porter JR. rc auto patch !!

Sooo- the break has been fun and nice…so we went on!

I found my guy SPENCER !!!!!

I have met him 2017 in Chicago at Jimmys Tradenight first….

Then again in Cleveland last year….


And we suddenly made the GOAT pic of us….feauturing both pics from the years before !!


Always nice to meet you Spenver ! 😊

So we went on to Jameel aka shopmeelypops….

He got some verified heat !!

And a ONE OF A KIND Pokemon Piece

While chilling…Marc has made a big Trade with Jameel to get His Red Auerbach Dream Card signaturer

I have checked some stuff too

The nice thing is that Jameel has ALWAYS fresh drinks for his customers!!
Supporting that Luxembourg (Marc), Swizerland (Thomas) and German (Jan) Guys

David tried his luck too….

And of course… DONE!

Meanwhile Grant came over for a quick pic

And of course I have been successful with Jameel too!
Grewat guy to trade, talk and chill with and always a big pleasure !!

Our pic with Meredith!

I ve ended up with a 2000 Fleer Autographics RC Tom Brady !!!

And those 2 !!!


Pikachuuuuuu !!

With original signnatures and sketches of ARITA

Jameel….Brian is a real one !

In 2017 Jameels better bside started the trend to give me a cold coke…we can call it a Three Peat now !!

Coke 17

Coke 18

And coke at the end

Out again have met james
HJe is a employee from comc and talked with me about my live COMC break video in NYC at the Hudson River…they really wanted to repost it but suddenly we have said too many “Bad” words :-D
I appreciate it coming to me and telling me that you liked that video :)

Then we saw Niten…who took the game over !!

Its about to go down again!


Appreciate your company and drinks Niten !!!
You came just at the right time !!

Then a BIG one crossed my path!! Jimmy aka kentuckybasketballcards
Nice to see you!!

And my man bolli from Germany !

NY.cards, spencer, David, marc, alex

Alex and coleman cards had a booth too !

Then I have went to one of the coolest areas!

Sam and josh looking at my bronko like whoaaaaa!!!

By the way…josh is doing a great and huge thing with those interviews and I highly apptreciate it that I have been interviewed too!
But my most favourit interview (for real) is the one with Sam aka 401sportscards….just please look at it and see how he speaks about cards!
Just perfect!

Josh showed me the holy Goodwill bron !!!!

And some of his MJ´s !!!

And of course ……… :)

This whole booth has been crowded !

Sam, marc & me …#antview

So the show was about to close so we went out…found that group on the ground!

Pffff…Martinez..niten…josh…the ground belongs to David !!!!

So we gotta photobomb them !!

Its been TRADENIGHT DAY…but at first we have went across the street to the Hotel…Lionel came with us !


I have made a cool and nice trade with Lionel!!! So we made a cool pic too!

To get this:

2003 SPX Tom Brady auto /50

We decidede to go to Tradenight now and came across Eric and Kirk

Tradenight …really looked forward to be there as EVERYONE was speaking about it..and its been Crowded

First one to see was Jameel !

David couldn’t wait to go in

Spence showed his crazy collection!

The future!!! ADAM RIPPS and MICHAEL KRAMER !!

David was still on fire !

And the big one- RYAN !! the main Man !!
He and Jimmy made the right thing to put sucvh a tradenight live !

Matt aka OZ celtics surprised me with a very cool kobe oddball item !!

Thank you MATT- highly appreciate it !

Tradenight was all about trades, deals…quick hands, very easy !


Hall of Fame
At first one with Spencer

Gotta love to be with chis and Evan…the are doing some big steps !



THIS PIC is History !!
2 guys from Austria…Herbert and what a pleasure to meet Roman for the very first time!
He has one of the best MJ Collections in the world!

Highly appreciate that Picture Roman!

David had some big trades going on

Its been sooo nice to finally meet J aka porzingiscollector!
I appreciate the open words and stay on top!

He had a card I was looking for since like a year- and finally were able to put a trade down in real life for it!

Its not exactly for me, but for my good friend Chris- gotta support him where I can and tadaaaaa

Dennis Schröder RC Logoman / 5!

And now I got 3 of those at home!....
But chris has a 4th (sometimes he is losingit when we play nba2k…right now he has won the last game)
So in total we have 4 out of the 5!!

The number 5 of those 5 is also in Germany but its located at Jörgs Schröder Supercollection…
That’s why all5 are in GERMANY :)

Looking at that kings table

A nice quick trade with ny.cards

Jay bgs 9.5

And a bush…hav no IDEA what this is !! :-D

Then that guy PETER came over- such a cool guy !!

After a nice talk ai received a dope shirt! ..of BlackJadeWolf !!!!

And get to meet Sharon!! The pleasure is mine

I gotta admit that its been soo nice to trade, talk and deal with everyone…without any problems..easy as 1,2, 3…we have been until the end and they called it closed after some time- that’s why we have left inside the hobby to keep on trading!

All-star-sports-cards-23 and moi made a nice deal to get another Schröder Heavyweight!

Acetate RC auto Patch /17

I mean..its not that we do not have like a couple of those too…….

He has made more deals with Marc and David

And suddenly saw a nice Wilt Cut that caught my attention…….. but at first just my attention…..

Spencer left me his signature

David wrote me “FLEISCH”

Ist been about midnight when we ve left the lobby and we were hungry AF !!
We did not ate anything the whole Day !!
I saw a table in front of the Hotel…MC Donalds 3 Blocks away !
So we started walking…but WTF…its more MC donalds 3 MILES !!!

M&%$ӤӤ$(/XQ!! !!!!!!!!
But its all good- the hunger pushed us to the limit- but big sh!t went down when we got into serious problems !!!
Like 100 metres in front mcdonals we were attacked by skunks !!!!


We thought ist only 1- but its been atleast 6 WTF !!

Somehow we passed them and had a delicioius food at our loved Mc Donalds…no Hate, for real, but the quality of Mc D in Germany is better and tighter !

Friday, 02.08.2019

Early in the morning…Nick….

Chad aka lovehighendgolfbasketball and nick


Ok…this day was big for me!
In Germany I got me already a ticket to have a picture with Allen Iverson!!
One of my cvhildhood heroes…tickets were rather expensive for about 150$ but I gotta do that now !!!
Marc and David did not had any star meeting so far so they decideded to get Rodman on the same day too…for the half of AI…so just 75 $

So they got in line for their tix

After that has been done, we went straight across to get us own own PSA card…this year they had the fantastic idea to take that T206 design!!

We all 3 got ours!

I was supposed to look like that !! I mean its 109 years old!!
You are not smiling on such a card !!


Then Matt aka OZ Celtics came over…and whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!


He is the biggest Antoine Walker collector in the world- so of course he has stuff like that!
So I ve showcase him the 3 fresh graded walker masterpieces….

And the big one!!

He let me put thatthing on :-D

Soooooo- now lets go 2 years back in time !
My first instagram post at the National in Chicago 2017 looked like that!

Dolly 2017

Dolly text

Aight..now I came across that Booth!! I remembnered all that stuff, that jersey, saw a picture of her and knew- that’s her Booth!

But when I ccame nearer to that big pic of her I ve wrote “In Loving Memory”



Hall of Fame
Dolly is gone :-( since about 1 year how I get to know !
So I came to the front of the booth and I saw that older guy sitting there…I knew that’s been her Husband!
So I said Hello…I mentioned I have been at their booth 2 years ago…same style…with a button up shirt…tie…..white gloves…and when I mentioned my name Kiki from Germany- BOB remembered me !”
We had a nice talk back then since both were in Germany many many years ago and its been such a pleasure to speak with him!
Their son was there at that beautifull arranged booth- Dolly isn’t there anymore but they still r keeping her legacy alive !
Dolli now

So it’s a afe thing to make a pic with Bob (Dolly Style)

I even found a nice piece for my collection

With a signature of Tom Hanks

Well…we let BOB rest a bit…but we were still at their booth!

Then booooooom!!

Luckyshow05 said hi!!!
Realy nice to meet you man !!!

You know…its been that time again!
I went to BOB and asked if he is down for a drink with us….in the name of Dolly

And heeeell yeah! Sure he was !!

So we made a small circle and had that Killepitsch Bottles poppin :-D

Even Luckyshow05 dropped that pic on social media !

I have been blessed when lucky´ gave me that dope Belle Glitter card !!


I highly appreciate it !!

I know…its ben unreal to have a Bronko in hand…but….i know, man……. :)

We were dropping those selfies like crazy !

Some cool items around

1 Booth had 2 bronkos !!! 2 !!
I mean, ihave 2, too -and thre are only a total of 135 PSA graded out there- but that’s sexy !

Huuuge game worn shaqs!

And of course…gotta visit Veronika and Teresa…its time again!

This time I bought a cool ty cobb coin

Now look at this, its been around time for the guys to meet up with DENNIS RODMAN !!!

David wanted to look cool for that pic so he asked me, if I can pimp his style with my glove!
…so I took it off and dropped it into his hands :-D
One of the coolest pictures and I guess I have been gloveless the very first time since 3 Nationals for a timeframe of about 20 minutes… :)

Snagged some cool pics… Marc and Drod

Drod and white gloved David

Porzingiscollector is such a nice guy, he loves hip hop and supports my twinbrother so its been safe that he gets one of my brother prints !

Nico aka Kaiserking from Germany came to the National with Bolli too

On aight…so Rodman has been a full success so we walked around again…this time we wanted to go to ROSS Behrmann and thaimedownsportscards ! in the other corner of the building

Ross had some craaaazy cards in his showcase

Look at that Mookie !!!

Did not made any trades right there but surely THE coolest pic of the whole show !!

So Ross and I created a move where we are like kissing the sky..or sum´ like that…..

Went around again and Layton sportscards hooked us up with some fresh BOOM shirts !

I LIKE !!!

But well..its been about 2 pm and that Iverson Thing is about to go down !!!!

I started to get in line about 30 Minutes before- could not wait!

He finally came out!!!

Aight…going in!

Some real Small talk

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…going out!

And i am sooooo happy for that pic !!!

Its been HUGE for me to shakehands with AI and to have a pic with him- one of my all time goats!
Kinda cool that I am even a lil bit taller then him ;-)

Sooo, while waiting at that AI Pic to be made….Helge came over !

At first I showed him some cool psa graded ones I have received !!

And actually he had a couple of cards for me too !!

Like a couple of weeks ago I have been at his place to give him some cards to be graded and as supposed he gave them to me already graded at the National !!!

Here are the results !
1998 flair showcase Take it 2 net Michael Jordan /1000

2004 du sp game used matrials LTD Kobe patch jersey tag /5

2013 Immaculate RPA Giannis /99

Shaq o neal tim Duncan co signers

1999 sp authentic SOTT Gold Tracy Mcgrady /25

2000 UD Ultimate signatures GOLD Michael Jordan /25

2002 UD Ultimate signatures GOLD Michael Jordan /23

2001 UD Ultimate signatures GOLD Michael Jordan /23

And yeah…THAT BGS 9.% is actually a POP 1 !! :)

Thanks for your help Helge !!

Its been cool to meet Ikelove500 !! :)

Spotted Patrick Renna from the Sandlots !!!

David checked to be sure !!

Its him

So we made a selfie with him in the back :)

That was this guy around…cool guy, with sooo many bling blings at his fingers !!

He got a lot of attraction- such a cool guy !

So we went out…David wanted to smoke and to have a small break after everything that happenend so far !

Don Daniele looked fresh A F by the way !!

Squad !
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Hall of Fame
Meanwhile those came in….. WTF!

Then I ve went to PWCC to check them out

David explains that Killepitsch drink to Jesse

And of course we got drinks too ! :-D

Sooooo- at the show, there has ben that Death Row!
All the big names are in front the Snack Area….Jameel….Mike (mc sportscards)..ryan (rbcru7) and others…I have been truly very hesitant to go tzo that area so far as I know its going down there !!

Actually I had to go there…as Mike has THIS card that I am looking to get from him since months.
Only a few I was after it and when I stoppd at his booth…its been still there…

Mcsportscards mike

Loaded as always…

Ryan rbcru !

But its still not been time for that!
Maybe you remember last year when traded for that 1952 topps Mantle with Mike…its going down on Saturdays…always…the big moves are being made Fridays and Saturdays (for me)…before that I am mostly chilling, drinking and watching around….
But like I said.- Mike has something that got my attention …but still give me a couple of hours……

So I ve kept on to go to Justin aka 610 aka alabamma slamma aka the TALL GUY!
I have heard he has to leave on that day and that he will not be here due to Joes wedding!!
So I had to make a quick trade stop with him!

Went all in…..

Crazy cards all over

….even josh dropped his mj rubie…

But in the end…its sooo easy and nice to trade with Justin!
3rd year… 3 trades that has been done as quick and easy as possible!
Its not really complicated to trade cards- if you give up a cool card you get a cool card :)

I am bigger then AI…but not as you J !!!

And I finally landed one of my dream cards !! :)

1998-99 Skybox premium Century marks blue auto tim Duncan 49/50

And while I am there…sam and zach checvked my stuff too

Got a nice trade with zach!

And got a nice revolution Stockton auto /25

Its been pretty Crowded

David spencer and mason

Those 3 are like a DREAM TEAM !!

And i nfinally did one with sam too !!

Me zach sam

I see u !!

Yeah i see u !!

Everybody was interested in that Juicy honey box !!

Sam and David

And what a move !! Sam gifted David that Irving Sotlight Signatures !! :-O

What a huge gesture man!

Marc aka wegotstock99

This pic is too cool with josh and ryan!!!

Wanted to say hello to Sharon and blackjadewoif again so ve made em a visit!

Sick carda

Then I saw that crazy FONZIE piece !!!

They were surprised I Wanted THAT…but YES !!!

Welcome to the family :)

Its been time as they are closing!
So we went out and have met james buffi at the door again!”!

He gifted me a cool lowry rc finest auto, that he had a couple of times!

Thank you big time !! :)

On the way to the Hotel, we have met Ivan…Ivan Lovegren, the main Comentator of the National and its been a please meeting you !!

Ivan checks marc

Group selfie incl. jjj Gambino !

Its been Friday evening and I just wanted to kinda chill…no trades…no skunks..no cinema…just a normal dinner- so I decided to go to the own in Hilton!

Marc , David and Chad aka lovehighendgolfbasketball made the small group perfect

Just chill…

Chad came to the room after it, since we wanted to check each others cards!

He got the dope stuff!!!

And we did 2 box breaks to finish that evening…he got a
Allen & Ginter

And me…a Spectre !

Got a gold divicenzo rc patch /10 and a paul pierce auto /25……


Hall of Fame
Saturday, 03.08.2019


Sooo….The boys gave and I gifted Marc That Pierce auto I ve pulled yesterday…he is a big boston fan so it belongs to him!

Aight…so I ve made a plan how this day will be…wherei need to go..who I need to speak with!
Its been Saturday and I am leaving on this DAY !!!
My flight starts at 8:30 pm…right now its 08:30 am…plenty of time of left but also plenty of moves to be made!

Its been a nice day once again….

Sooooo…I had that 2003-04 UD Ultimate Collection Signatures Gold RC Lebron James /23 BGS 9.5 with me…..
That card got a lot of attention and every of the big dealers were interested- through the last days I have checked who might be able to give me the coolest offer- I have been offered a very high cash amount at the first day already…but its not just cash…I need a card for the pc…if I am giving up a card like that I need a BIG one to stay at the pc….its the National and right now, everything is possible !!!...

Well.-..lets see…….

Actually…yesterday, right at the end of the show I came across a card which REALLY got my attention…I knew- if I want it, its no problem…but lets see….

Darscards35kd. Action -jack-cardz - ricokeegan

Crowded as always

Well…we started in the corner with Ross……

Ross checking my cards

iDwe arranged a deal involving Mookie, since my brother mentioned that I should come home withn a dope Mookie !!!!

Sooo here you go !!!

Thank you big time Ross !!!

Then thaimedownsportscards had a crazy card too…could not that this one in that case….
So gimme that !!! :)

Soooo- this day has been different…I had soi many things to be done but the time iks running against us.
The flight starts at 8:30 pm…its an international flight so we gotta be there 3 hours before and I am on crutches….i told to myself, that we are leaving the National not later then 5 pm… then get my baggage at the hilton deposit , taxi to airport and we are there until 05:30 pm
…so this has been the plan…its still 10:30 am so still enough time…..

We went to Sharon Blackjadeqolf

Gotta make a trade with her too…easy and cool and got a nice one for the pc !!!

Michael Phelphs Gold auto !!

Thanks Sharon!!

Nate..the myth, the legend aka Ibuyselltrade stopped by so I quick pic here too!

Next to it I have met Andy aka Parforthecourse-cards

Big pleasure meeting you!!

Sooo- look…I still had 2 sealed boxes which needed to be openend today at the show !!
One is ROARGANS KIKI box…the other one is the juicy hoiney box !
I have just been at ROARGANS Area (Ross Booth) but he is still not there…so we ve decided to go stgraight to the other part of the building to break that Juicy Honey Box with the card hobby guys !!

Juicy box back

Juicx front

Card hobby box break

Malicious checking the oods !!!

He could not believe what I am doing!

Just do it!

That’s been fun!! But cannot comment to much about that- please excuse me that I cannot post any card pics about that, just know that it has been satisfying to break that product! :)

On the road again…saw ryan…so a quick one !

The27thguy ADAM!!!

Palmetto cards with Meredith !!

At their booth I ve seen that crazy perfect kobe chrome rc ref. !!!
Did not get it…but wow !!!

While standing there- I pulled out that lebron ultimate gold /23to the right guys to see who might be in there for it..
Actually, darscards35kd dropped me a offer outta nowhere that really got me thinking!
Not telling what has been offered, but I already had some variations in my mind but did not see that one coming….great move man !!!

Everything is possible at the national!

But ok…went on…



Crazy cards

Just a quick pic with Teresa and Veronika !!

Lucky adam daiz27 deron

Its been nice to see chris aka shaqlogoman collector !!! so nice !!

He pulled out that shaq PMG green and David went down!!!

You went from the cavs…to the clippers…to the lakers….how awesome !!!

So, my guy Reza…he has been with my in the Hotel but he got some stuff for me too!!!
I have been with my brother ivan and reza and dirk nowitzkis very last game and its been crazy- we highly appreciate your effort in making our trip unforgettable Reza !!

On top- he found a HUGE Dirk Foam Face for us !!
Thanks man !!!

And he got that Popovic cut signature !!
Popovic only signed 2 cuts for leaf so far and its crazy that Reza had 2 em both!!!
…in the end I have been lucky that he let one of em go into my pc !

Thanks man !!!!

The funny thing is…that ultimate lebron gold /23…I got it from Nick ! like about 9 months ago in Germany.
I have even considered trading it back the way I got it with him…but he refused…but still a nice one to remember ! 😊

Manillacardcollector was selling those BGS holders…like a security to keep the Holders scrathcfree…took me many of those and I really really like them !!

Great stuff

Aight…time is running…its been already ..maybe 2 pm…I am too much speaking and stuff bot gotta have your priorities right!!

Now, I was ready to go for that main card…that card I had in my mind since months !!!

RBCRU7 had soooo much action going on!!!


Been waiting for THIS since months…I told David, I only really want 1 card and Mike has it!”
So here I am !!!

Mike checking my stuff

While sitting and negioting, those 2 came by !! (I am sorry but I forgot your names :-/)

We have pulled some crazy cards out!

But its always sooo cool to Trade with Mike…last year, we had a huge Deal that got me that 52 Mantle PSA 1…. This year, we are at it again!
And valuevise its getting higher!
I gotta admit- its been hard to give up that Bronko Nagurski in that Deal…but luckily I still have won and I know what I am getting so its all good !
You know…for me…as a collector, I like it to look over the border..i am a basketball card collector, but I do not want to be limited just by that…I want to speak and understand everyone at a show like the national…the pokemon guys…but also the vintage guys.
I want to evolve to the next step like a pokemon and see what might be the right cards to get for your pc…and I came across that there is nothing bigger and greater then a card like that.
You saw me getting a Charlie chaplincut before…there are signatures of Abraham licoln…George Washington..albert Einstein…but tokeep it real, there is still one guy that s signature card is still bigger.
Have you ever thought about that?
I am thinking a lot about cards and exactly about everything cards involved……
And well……

Thank you BIG TIME for that Trade Marc!!

….you made a KIKI very happy “! :)

Babe back 1

Babe front 1

So yeah- that card I needed to have was THAT BABE RUTH Cut signature….2005 UD….BGS 9.5…huge signature…handnumbered…clean design!!
That’s my taste! As soon as I saw that bad boy I wanted to have it!! And yeah- THANK YOU MARC !!!


Since I got my most wanted card of the show…….why not get some drinks….

While standing and waiting there got to meet Lbj2016

Nice to meet you !!

Clint from Absolutresportcards found me there too a had a present ready for me !!!!
A beautifull Belle card !!

I appreciate it !! 😊

Already the 2nd Belle card I am getting!!

So we got us the drinks…but were not drinking alone! We went to Teresa and veronika again to have a awesome company !!!

David living the big life !!!

We chilled there a little bit tooooo long but what the heck !!!
We needed to go since the pressure was there !!

Across there has been a cool booth where I have opicked up that cool Gremlins Box !!

David went out to smoke 5…so I ve made a trade for a card for him…as a surprise….

I have met Jude Anthony !

And traded for this dope Kyrie Irving !!!!

So i was struggling around again…about 1 ½ hours left…..i came across nate with that crazy wilt chamberlain cut!!

We sat down and arranged a deal very quicky ..cause time was running…..


Hall of Fame
But finally I got it!!!

Oh…did I mention that Bill Russel is on the Back ?? :)

Wilt 1/1 with Bill Russell

The pressure was there as we had still stuff do to…saw David on the ground already …..

But yeah…one main Thing has been THAT KIKI BOX!!!
NO way that I leave THIS unopenend!!
I gotta open WITH Robert just next to me !!
So we arranged to meet at around 4pm at the booth of Ross…and there you go !!!

He had a present for me…funny that I had a present for him too !!
He gave me a tim hardaway buyback /7 and he is getting a Chauncey Billups buyback /5

Tim buyback

In addition..he even dropped 2 presents for my guy Chris for his schröder PC!!!
Auto and 1/1…like whoa !!!!

Aiiight, ok- i am opening that box !!
Included were 46 cards ……..46! cards…handchoosen…that fit my taste…my everything…just watch !!

Both DS cards are missing at chris PC and that Kobe is soooooo ERROR that I am missing that one too!!

He got a dirk parallel /99…but it’s a RIP card

So we have Ripped it…and found a tony parker inside!

Crazy psa 10 ray allen lucky 13 !!!

But TAKE THIS!!!!!”

Robert is crazy…if have no words for the whole package but he killed it with that!!

He used to work for the Denver nuggests and got a great relationship to many nba players…man…did nopt saw this one coming…but……

A 2003 Kobe Bryant GAME WORN WRISTBAND!!!!


Its actually the one on that picture…the one you see!!

Noooooo waaaay !!!!!!!

You are crazy Rob!

I really took some time for that..but the pressure has ben there……

Still gotta check some crazy masterpieces he had with him!!


Our Main Pic


Ok…guys…its been maybe 4:50pm…about to leave..right?

Nope…the biggest trade has not even be done yet!!

The grand finale is coming to the end!

I told Rob whats about to happen in the next minutes so he surely wasn’t about missing that !!

Aight ok…yesterday…Friday evening…I have been at the table of Adam Rowe….they had soooo many crazy cards out there…its unreal!
So I knew that they liked my Lebron Ultimate…..and they knew that they have plenty of cards for me….but again….one of them was like the light in the shadow!
Since the pressure was there…I wanted to do it right now…but no way to put pressure in a situation like that….well…no pics have been made during that time…besiudes the final one…….

I can tell you…the Lebron is gone…….

But at first….our tradepic !


Babe back 3

Babe front 3

This one is from the biggest cut signature set…LEGENDARY CUTS……2006 UD..BGS 9.5…..and now attention….its 3/3….and that his JERSEYNUMBER !!!
Man…crazy…thanks adam for the nice and easy deal (money has been involved too..but pssss)

Well…its been 5:18 and way time to go !!!!!!
But noooo!!

Rob was still with us sooo lets get us some beer to celebrate a dope National !!!

No disrespect to anybody of the American beer industry..but that beer wasn’t good!! I could not drink it out :-/

5:24…time to go out!!!

The problem is…there are too many people you know and of course you want to showcase both Ruths to everybody !!! :-D

Made a last stop at John !!! for a goodbye…and you…2 Ruths !!!

Aight…so we went out…just across the street..to Hilton…get my baggage…taxi..airport..checvkin….

But no!! I have been on crutches and the last hours were sooooo actionloaded…I could not move anymore when I was in the middle of the street! Gladly Rob, Marc and David helped me but I just did not had power to make any steps anymore…I just knew- I neeeeeed to go to the airport!!!

While at Hilton- Rob helped me put my last stuff in that baggage

We were literally DONE!!

We were flying at 8:30…Rob had a airport just behind us at 9pm to Denver so he went with the taxi to the airpoirt!

The struggle, stress and hectic has been real until the last minute…we came into the airplane in time…….David and me….

And as soon as we started I ve felt asleep……..


But hey…its still not over !!!!!

10 am I just woke up!!
And we landed at 11 am in Barcelona / Spain !!!!!!!


Hall of Fame
So we continued our trip!!


That Dog looks like David…

I am sorry for him since he neded to hold ALL Baggaes..but oh well :)

Enjoy the pics….


So we have chilled the whole day in Barcelona at the beach and about 9pm we took that flight to Germany….back home……….

Its been 11 pm when we landed…I went home….but David went with his whole Family (grandma, children, sister)..a group of 11 on his Vacation to Turkey (Istanbul)
…the turkey airplane went off about 4 hours later from the same airport…that’s why he stayed there….
The whole trip has been sooo perfectly schedfuled…with airplanes…with the grand finale at the end..everything!

One day later he has just send me this pic from Turkey…..still in the mood.

By the way- I have put 37 Minutes on Vieo Footage together…all from the National!
Please check here:
ist pretty funny…especially that David guy, he has a “Beastmode” option…butz well…just look at this video which belongs to that recap

thank you for your time !!



Pooooaaah, habe Glas- und Cardssplitter im Auge...unmöglich alles auf einmal zu betrachten! Ich bin einfach erschlagen o_Oo_Oo_O!!

Cooler Bericht...schön dass du es schön hattest Kiki!

LG, Laurent
Hallo, mache mich voller Vorfreude ans Lesen und muss leider feststellen, dass die meisten Fotos nicht zu sehen sind. Habe nur ein schwarzes Kästchen mit einem weißen X darin.
Geht dass nur mir so?


Kiki! Absoluter Wahnsinn! Wie jedes Jahr ein schöner Recap für die daheimgebliebenen.
Danke, dass Du alle Deine Highlights immer mit uns teilst und Dir Stunden wenn nicht Tage Zeit nimmst diese umfangreichen Recaps zu erstellen.

MJ Bulls

Schöne Bilder, die einen guten Eindruck von der Veranstaltung vermitteln, genau wie die letzten Jahre.
Deine Passion zum Hobby ist unverkennbar.

Aber eine Frage... Hast du dir nur die National angeschaut oder auch etwas von der Stadt?
Wo sind die Bilder, um der Familie in Langenfeld deutlich zu machen, dass du dir auch die Stadt angeschaut hast? Sonst ist ja der Trip nach Chicago der Familie nicht vermittelbar, wie du beim letzten (oder war es das vorletzte mal) gesagt hattest. ;)


Hall of Fame
danke dir !!! ich muss zugeben, dass dieser recap schon übelst geladen war!
auch der quasi mailday am anfang und ndies war bis jetzt der längste recap ever!

bin da mal auf dein feedbach gespannt :) ich denke das mit den kästchen und x ist gerade nur bei dir so :-/ sehe alles und habe von anderen auch noch nichts dergleichen gehört :)

yeah! danke dir Jens, das freut mich :)

danke dir- mich freut es immer, das was ich sehe mit allen zu teilen!
Vielleicht kriegt ja dann auch der ein oder andere auch mal Lust mit dabei zu sein! Helge war schon am meisten dort- ich nun auch bereits zum 3. Mal und dieses Mal waren bereits etwa Cardboardler mit dabei!!
Es ist ansich keine große Sache, wenn man 4-5 Tage frei nehmen kann dann ist da alles realisierbar! :)
Und der Recap war nun wirklich Tage an denen ich Stuuuunden dran sass :)

@MJ Bulls
danke dir :)...yeah- das Hobby ist für mich sooo toll!
Genau, der "Stadt Anschau Aspekt" ...wir hatten ja auch ne National whatsapp gruppe dazu usw. und habe von vornerein sogar klar kommunziert, dass ich da NUR wegen den Karten hinfliege!...wegen nichts anderem!

Weisst du, ich war in den letzten 2 1/2 Jahren insgesamt 7 Mal in den Staaten......alleine vor 4 Monaten bei Dirks letzten Spielen ...in New York, Dallas und San Antonio....4 Monate vorher zu Weihnachten auch in New York. Wie beim ersten Recap bereits beschrieben war es ein NO GO....nicht mind. ein normales Foto zu haben....aber hab da gerade auch keinen Drang Tourist zu sein und shoppen und sightseeing zu machen.
Wenn ich wo verreise will ich einfach nur noch chillen :)

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Must send first
Danke für den ausführlichen Bericht und das Recap Video.

In dem Encased Break hast du eine sehr interessante Karte gezogen. Die würde ich dir gerne aus deinem weißen Handschuh entführen😇


SUPER RECAP!!! Habe vieles auf IG verfolgt, aber es hier in dieser Form zu lesen ist nochmal viiiiieeeel cooler. Danke dir ✌


Wow sehr cool geschrieben und tolle Bilder mit teilweise echten Monsterkarten(y) Jetzt weiß ich auch wie die Jungs von Instagram alle aussehen.
Muss sagen, dass ich das Hobby in letzter Zeit ein wenig "vernachlässigt" habe, aber durch die ganzen Bilder und Impressionen bekommt man gleich wieder Lust aufs Hobby ... Danke dafür (y);)

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