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staz73 Wantlist


2006 Topps Heritage

12 Adrian Peterson Chicago Bears

14 Andrew Walter Oakland Raiders
19 Craig Krenzel Cincinnati Bengals
20 Brian Dawkins Philadelphia Eagles
22 Al Wilson Denver Broncos
26 Daniel Graham New England Patriots
32 Alex Brown Chicago Bears
40 Courtney Roby Tennessee Titans
42 Ben Watson New England Patriots
46 Darren Sproles San Diego Chargers
52 Chris Gamble Carolina Panthers
60 Alge Crumpler Atlanta Falcons
70 Brian Westbrook Philadelphia Eagles
72 Corey Dillon New England Patriots
76 Alvis Whitted Oakland Raiders
79 Billy Volek Tennessee Titans
111 LaMont Jordan Oakland Raiders
121 Daunte Culpepper Miami Dolphins
319 Steve Smith Carolina Panthers
324 Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears
332 Brian Griese Chicago Bears
340 Jerry Porter Oakland Raiders
358 Dan Kreider Pittsburgh Steelers
393 Alvin Pearman Jacksonville Jaguars
407 A.J. Hawk Green Bay Packers

New Age Performer
NAP12 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers

Black Back
6 Ricardo Colclough Pittsburgh Steelers

8 Samie Parker Kansas City Chiefs
28 Sebastian Janikowski Oakland Raiders
34 Sam Madison Miami Dolphins
38 Odell Thurman Cincinnati Bengals
54 Michael Huff Oakland Raiders
64 Muhsin Muhammad Chicago Bears
78 Matt Hasselbeck Seattle Seahawks
80 Sean Taylor Washington Redskins
86 Tavaris Jackson Minnesota Vikings
88 Rex Grossman Chicago Bears
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


1990 Fleer


1 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers
2 Jerry Rice San Francisco 49ers
3 Keith Jackson Philadelphia Eagles
4 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions
5 Christian Okoye Kansas City Chiefs
7 Jim Covert Chicago Bears
9 Mike Munchak Houston Oilers
10 Jay Hilgenberg Chicago Bears
13 Derrick Thomas Kansas City Chiefs
15 Karl Mecklenburg Denver Broncos
16 Reggie White Philadelphia Eagles
17 Tim Harris Green bay Packers
18 David Fulcher Cincinnati Bengals
19 Ronnie Lott San Francisco 49ers
20 Eric Allen Philadelphia Eagles
21 Steve Atwater Denver Broncos
22 Rich Camarillo Phoenix Cardinals
23 Morten Andersen New Orleans Saints
24 Andre Reed Buffalo Bills
25 Rod Woodson Pittsburgh Steelers


2004 Ultra


24 Ed Reed Baltimore Ravens
41 Muhsin Muhammad Carolina Panthers
71 Brian Dawkins Philadelphia Eagles
82 Isaac Bruce St. Louis Rams
87 Domanick Davis Houston Texans

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