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Suche Bundesliga Chrome 2018-19 & 2018-19 Topps Bundesliga Museum


College Player
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Bundesliga Chrome 2018-19
Orange Refractor #/25

33 Davie Selke
88 Rune Almenning Jarstein
Bundesliga Chrome 2018-19 - Top XI - Orange #/25
TXI-SK Salomon Kalou
Bundesliga Chrome 2018-19 - Superstar Sensations - Orange #/25
SS-SK Salomon Kalou

2018-19 Topps Bundesliga Museum Collection

79 Valentino Lazaro
82 Rune Almenning Jarstein
Archival Autographs
AA-SK Salomon Kalou
AA-VI Vedad Ibiševic
Archival Dual Autographs
ADA-FK Salomon Kalou/Vedad Ibiševic /25
Autograph Jumbo Relics
AJR-SK Salomon Kalou
Framed Autographs
FA-VI Vedad Ibiševic
Meaningful Material Single Relics
MMSR-VI Vedad Ibiševic
Museum Autograph Relics
MAR-VI Vedad Ibiševic
Single Player Triple Relic Autographs
STR-VI Vedad Ibiševic /35
Single Player Triple Relics
STR-VI Vedad Ibiševic /75

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